CCTV footage of a hooded figure trying to gain access to a vehicles on a driveway has been shared as thieves continue to target cars across Basingstoke.

The culprit can be seen trying to enter a car parked on a driveway in the Spiers Meadow estate, with the incident happening at around 3.45am on Thursday.

It comes after further footage was yesterday shared depicting thieves gaining access to various vehicles on driveways in Chineham.

And earlier that same day reports had emerged of two BMWs being stolen from Bramley using what police believe to be ‘cloned’ keys.

A Beech Way address was also burgled on Friday night as the owners slept upstairs, with credit cards, car keys and an Xbox being stolen.

The above footage from the Spiers Meadow incident was shared on the ‘Spotted Popley Basingstoke’ Facebook page and shows the suspected thief brazenly attempting to open a car door.

An accompanying message said the hooded figure had been seen “try all the door handles of the cars on our road and surrounding roads” and that the incident would be reported to police.

It continued: “And if anyone else with cameras can check and report too that would be good as it’s happening a lot more now.”