CCTV footage of shameless thieves breaking into vehicles parked on driveways has been shared by Basingstoke residents, stoking concerns that cloned keys are being used by the culprits.

Videos shared with the Gazette show the perpetrators approaching driveways in Vyne Park, Chineham, and brazenly entering parked vehicles.

One Vyne Park resident says she has been sent “about nine separate bits of footage” depicting similar incidents.

The break-ins took place during the early hours of Saturday morning.

In most cases no damage to the cars has been reported, leading the victims to believe that the culprits are using cloned keys.

It comes after two 2019 BMWs were stolen from neighbouring streets in Bramley last night with police saying ‘some kind of cloning device’ was believed to have been used.

Jade Underdown, of Vyne Park, says her partner’s van was broken into during the early hours of Saturday morning, and it seems as though the thieves used a key of their own to gain entry.

Recalling the incident, she told the Gazette: “Our vehicle that was broken into was a van, so there was a key used as there was no damage to the van.

“In the video footage the guy goes over to the van, uses what looks like a key and just gets in.”

The Bramley thefts are believed to have involved electronic keys, with police warning residents to keep their keys in a metal case to protect against cloning.

However, Jade says her partner’s car uses a traditional key, not an electronic one.

The Vyne Park thefts also differ in that the perpetrators appeared to be targeting items from inside, rather than the vehicles themselves.

Jade says tools were taken from her partner’s van, while another neighbour had a small amount of cash taken from their vehicle. And again, their was no sign of forced entry.

“Someone over the road had their Mercedes broken into and they took a £10 note,” Jade added.

“The car was broken into but there was no sign of forced entry.”

Those two incidents are far from the only ones reported in the area. Jade has spoken to a number of residents who have since shared CCTV footage of similar incidents in the area.

“In Vyne Park in general I think I’ve got about nine separate bits of footage,” she said, “so there’s quite a few people they have tried to do it to.”

The incidents were reported to the police via 101, who told Jade they would be in touch if required.

Hampshire Constabulary has been contacted for a comment.