AN INVESTIGATION will be held to establish how a window fell out of a Basingstoke block of flats and smashed outside the entrance.

The managing director of Haus Block Management, which is responsible for the management of Churchill Place, has finally responded to safety concerns raised after the incident on March 28, when a window fell from the seventh floor of the block of flats during high winds, shattering on the floor right outside the entrance to the town centre building.

Residents said the incident has left them ‘scared’ that other windows in the block are at risk of falling out.

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Gareth Martin, managing director at Haus, said an investigation will “commence in the next few days” to “establish the cause of the problem”.

He said an ‘exclusion zone’ has been set up around the building to allow the investigation to take place.

While the company is responsible for the management of the building, Mr Martin pointed out that it did not build the property adding: “Until someone appropriately qualified has conducted a programme of works, we are not able to comment on the likely cause.”

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Residents told the Gazette that Haus had not kept them informed following the incident. However, Mr Martin said signs have been put up inside the building “in a large number of obvious locations such as lifts and lobbies”.

He added: “We have made a large number of postings on the portal we host for the property and gone to great lengths to explain our process to all occupants.”

The company has also notified “all of the relevant safety authorities”.

“When we understand the cause of the issue, we will communicate this to owners and occupants,” he said, adding: “We cannot do anymore, or anything different to this.

"Occasionally, buildings suffer problems which are not straightforward. In this situation all anyone can do is what we are currently doing; take steps to mitigate the risk, investigate to establish the cause, and then devise and implement a strategy to rectify the problem.”

The Health and Safety Executive has been asked for further information.