A ‘MASSIVE’ window pane fell from the seventh floor of a block of flats in Basingstoke shattering on the floor right outside the entrance to the building.

Residents in Churchill Place, in the town centre, say the incident, which happened during high winds on Thursday, March 28, has left them ‘scared’ that other windows in the block are at risk of falling out.

The entrance to the building has since been cordoned off, but glass is still strewn all over the floor where the pane shattered. 

Basingstoke Gazette: The window that fell from Churchill Place can be seen boarded up and the entrance cordoned offThe window can be seen boarded up, on the seventh floor. On another side of the building, another window is also boarded up, raising questions as to whether this has happened before and if there is a risk of it happening again.

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Basingstoke Gazette: The window that fell from Churchill Place can be seen boarded up and the entrance cordoned offDonald Fong, who has lived in Churchill Place for three years, said the management company informed residents that the entrance to the building was shut, but not why.

The 32-year-old, who works for the British Army, added: “They closed off the area. It’s very scary. I use that entrance to leave the building. They have managed to open up another exit for us and closed off the front. They told us it was shut but they didn’t say why.”

A couple who moved into the building on the day of the incident said the concierge had told them what happened.

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“It’s not a good impression,” said the woman, who did not want to be named, adding: “We are worried. We just moved in here and we chose this place because it’s very pretty and looks nice inside.”

A resident from the nearby Crown Heights block of flats said no one was hurt during the incident, but she raised concerns about the safety risk.

Jean Fisher, who has lived at Crown Heights since 2015, said: “Windows for high rise have rules, something like each pane must be 3cm thick, so those windows are heavy. Mine in Crown Heights weighs five stone. Nobody was hurt, but they could have been.

“The concierge and caretaker were out in absolutely torrential rain and gale force winds sweeping up and putting tape on it.”

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