THE company responsible for the management of a Basingstoke block of flats has failed to answer questions about the safety of the building after a ‘massive’ window pane fell from the seventh floor and smashed outside the entrance.

As previously reported, the window fell from Churchill Place on Thursday, March 28 during high winds, shattering on the floor right outside the entrance to the town centre building.

Residents said the incident has left them ‘scared’ that other windows in the block are at risk of falling out.

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Basingstoke Gazette: The window that fell from the seventh floor of Churchill Place can be seen boarded up and theHowever, Haus Block Management, which is responsible for the management of the building, has failed to respond to questions about the safety of Churchill Place.

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It was asked whether the rest of the windows in the block are safe; what is being done to ensure they are safe; whether there is an investigation into how the window fell out; if it knows how the window was able to fall out; whether other windows in the building have fallen out previously; and whether anyone was hurt during the incident.

The entrance to the building was cordoned off following the incident, with residents asked to use an alternative door to enter and exit the building.

Haus Block Management has been asked whether the entrance is now open, and if not, why it is being kept closed off.

On its website, Haus Block Management is described as providing a ‘market-leading management service to residents and owners’. Established in 2008, it now has a team of 70 operating from two offices in London and Manchester.