LODDON Vale Indoor Bowling Club teenage star Alice Lovett had won through to the National Under-25 finals which take place at Spalding on the weekend of January 25/26 next year.

The 15-year-old junior member travelled to Kent to play in the Under-25s Regional Play-offs.

At the end of the game she was tied with her opponent and a tie break was called into play which Lovett won.

Loddon Vale’s match against Hampshire County Mens Patrons, was truly a game of two halves.

At the break after 10 ends Loddon Vale were comfortably ahead by 19 shots and winning on four of the six rinks being played.

The games on the other two rinks were both very close, with Loddon behind by no more than three shots.

By the conclusion of the match after 21 ends it was a very different story with the Patrons turning the tables and winning on four rinks and overall by nine shots.

The Loddon Vale Ladies played in the Yetton Trophy against Atherley based in Southampton.

Two teams each played home and away but at the end of the 21 ends Atherley won by 85 shots to Loddon Vale 68.

Skips were Sheila Stone, Yvonne Banister, Shirley Ball and Alice Lovett. Loddon Vale now play Riverside of Winchester in the Yetton Plate competition.

The Loddon Vale Gents were also very busy with their competitions. Firstly they played a team from East Dorset in the Denny Plate competition.

This was a very close game and ended with Loddon Vale winning 84- 80.

Skips were Gary Lovett, Trevor Morgan, Steve Shaw and Dougie Morgan.

The Gents then played in the Wessex Trophy competition against Westlecot from Swindon.

After 21 ends Loddon Vale won by 85- 69. The teams were skipped by the same members.