CROWDS descended on Whitchurch as the town's folk festival returned after a long absence. 

The Whitchurch Folk Festival on Saturday, May 11, showcased dozens of acts and invited people to enjoy concerts and take part in workshops. 

Acts included performances by local folk groups, such as the Southampton Folk Orchestra and Andover Museum Loft Singers, artists including Ellie Gowers and The Norfolk Broads, and maypole and Morris dancing displays throughout the day.

There were also ceilidh dances throughout the day at various venues.

Activities started at 9am, with a Jack in The Green parade weaving its way through the town centre at midday, before leading into a Maypole dance in the grounds of Whitchurch Silk Mill.

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The event is a revival of a cherished tradition, which traces its roots back to the original festivals of the 1980s and 90s.

Its relaunch was inspired by musicians Paul Sartin and Jon Wilks, who revived the Whitchurch Folk Club in 2017.

Following Paul’s passing in 2022, his friends came together to honour his legacy and transform his dream of a revived festival into a reality.

The festival is planning to return in 2025, with organisers planning to expand the event into a two-day festival next year.

A gallery of photos from the event can be viewed by clicking the image at the top of the page.