THE historic Whitchurch town will be relaunching its beloved folk festival and tickets are now on sale. 

The festival will take place on Saturday, May 11 and mark a heart-warming revival of a cherished tradition, tracing its roots back to the original festivals of the 1980s and 90s.

This year's festival not only rekindles fond memories but also weaves a vibrant tapestry of community, art, and shared experiences.

The festival's relaunch owes its inspiration to musicians Paul Sartin and Jon Wilks, who reinvigorated the Whitchurch Folk Club in 2017. Following Paul Sartin's tragic passing in 2022, his friends, family, and admirers came together to honour his legacy, transforming the dream of a revived festival into reality.

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Jon Wilks said: "Paul's vision and passion were the catalysts for this project. His legacy lives on in what we've created, a testament to the profound impact he had on our community and the folk music world. We spent many hours sat in Kudos Coffee Shop, at the centre of Whitchurch, hatching plans on how to make this happen. I'm delighted that we've been able to do it in his memory."

The project received significant support through donations to Paul's Much Loved page, as well as contributions from the Andover Museum Loft Singers, Magpie Lane, and the Sarah Morgan Trust.

Whitchurch Folk Festival will be a town-based event, making use of the old buildings rather than the surrounding fields.

There will also be a free Children's Folk Festival and a Fringe Festival that anybody will be able to take part in. 

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Additionally, the festival will feature performances by renowned Morris dance groups, such as Boss Morris (who danced with Wet Leg at the Brit Awards in 2023), Bampton Morris (who can trace their lineage back 450 years), Winchester Morris Men, and Mayfly Morris (a new Morris side that was founded in Whitchurch in the wake of Sartin's death).

Everyone is welcome to come along to Whitchurch for a day of music, dance, and community spirit. The festival promises to be a memorable event, paying homage to its rich heritage while looking forward to a new era of folk festivities.

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