A HAMPSHIRE town centre street has been transformed into an eerie apocalyptic set for the filming of Hollywood blockbuster Greenland: Migration, starring Morena Baccarin and Gerard Butler.

Shop fronts along Market Street, in Alton, have been covered to make the area look like an abandoned English town, sandbags line the buildings and burnt rubble has been scattered across the pavements.

The film is the sequel to 2020 blockbuster Greenland, which tells the story of the Garrity family who attempt to flee Atlanta after a comet threatens to destroy the planet.

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Basingstoke Gazette: Alton has been transformed into a film set for Greenland: MigrationThe family is separated and struggles to reunite, while fragments of the comet rain down on earth, threatening human extinction.

The sequel, due to be released in March 2025, picks up from after the comet has hit earth and follows the family as they embark on a perilous journey across what is left of Europe to find a new home.

Filming began in the UK in April where scenes will be shot until the middle of June, before moving to Iceland for the final shots.

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The cast is spending the day filming in Alton on Tuesday, May 7, following a week of preparations in the town as the set was created.

A 'missing people' wall has been set up on one of the high street buildings, showing posters of people who were lost during the fictional comet strike.

Basingstoke Gazette: Town transformed into eerie apocalyptic set for Hollywood blockbuster film shootOne, with a photograph of a young child, reads 'Have you seen my boy? His name is Harry Morris. We were separated in the evacuation. Please help’.

Another says ‘Have you seen this man George Young? Family desperate for news after he went missing while helping the medical unit during the last blackout.’

Market Square has also been taken over for the filming and has been fenced off to store equipment and lighting.

Security guards were constantly patrolling the area on Monday evening as intrigued members of the public were still allowed to walk through the film set before the filming began on Tuesday. However, the road has been closed to traffic.

Over in Anstey Park, dozens of trailers were arriving on Monday, May 6, including one which had John Garrity written on the door - the character played by Gerard Butler.

Basingstoke Gazette: Town transformed into eerie apocalyptic set for Hollywood blockbuster film shootA timetable for the filming has been given to residents and businesses showing that Market Street will be closed to traffic until 7pm on May 8.

Today, while filming is taking place, marshals will be available to escort residents and pedestrians through the set to premises to maintain access.

The film set is expected to be dismantled and removed by May 10.

The original Greenland film grossed £41m worldwide with a production budget of £27m.