A FILM crew shooting a Hollywood blockbuster starring Gerard Butler is set to descend on a Hampshire town for a week where a trackway will be installed.

A temporary road closure for Market Street, in Alton, has been issued by Hampshire County Council to allow filming to take place for ‘Greenland Movie 2’.

It is understood that the film is the sequel to disaster movie Greenland, released in 2020 and directed by Ric Roman Waugh, and is titled Greenland: Migration.

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Basingstoke Gazette: Gerard Butler and Alton's Market Square

A timetable for the filming has been given to residents and businesses in Alton showing that Market Street will be closed from 7.30am to 6.30pm from May 1 to 4 for ‘preparation and set dressing work’.

Anstey Park will also be used for filming, including some car parks and grassed areas next to the football enclosure, the skatepark / MUGA and rugby training area, where a trackway will be installed between May 2 and 10.

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Market Street will be closed from the junction of High Street to Lenten Street from Monday, May 6 to Wednesday, May 8 between 7am and 7pm while final preparations take place including installing lighting and ‘final touches’.

Production vehicles, cast and crew are expected to arrive on Monday, May 6 and will park on site in car parks in front of the football enclosure in Anstey Park.

Filming will take place in Market Street, Market Square and Anstey Park on Tuesday, May 7 between 7am and 10pm when pedestrians will be asked to wait for a short period if filming is in the middle of a take.

Marshals will be available to escort residents and pedestrians through the set to premises to maintain access.

The film set is expected to be dismantled and removed by May 10.

A notice from Hampshire County Council about the road closure says: “The road closure has been granted by Hampshire County Council to facilitate works for Greenland Movie 2 Ltd to carry out filming.”

It adds: “Greenland Movie 2 Ltd will provide reasonable facilities to allow access to adjacent premises and provide notice to those directly affected while the work is being carried out.”

The film production company has liaised with Alton Town Council, East Hampshire District Council and Hampshire County Council of their intentions and schedule. They are also providing marshals and security on all of the sites to help manage their presence in the town.

Hermanos Mexican, in Market Square, has informed its customers that it will be shut on May 7 for the day because of “a Hollywood blockbuster film shoot”.

It has been reported nationally that the long-awaited sequel to Greenland began filming in April, also starring Deadpool star Morena Baccarin.

In Greenland, Butler played John Garrity, a structural engineer who attempts to flee Atlanta along with his wife Allison, played by Baccarin, and diabetic son Nathan, played by Roger Dale Floyd, after a comet threatens to destroy the planet.

The family is separated and struggle to reunite, while fragments of the comet rain down on earth, threatening human extinction.

In the sequel, set after the comet has decimated earth, the family is forced to embark on a perilous journey across what is left of Europe to find a new home.

The original film grossed £41m worldwide with a production budget of £27m.

The sequel is expected to be released in March 2025.