HAMPSHIRE man, John Bush, recently had a taste of the small screen when he became a contestant on Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway.

Drawn in by an ITV advert appealing for owners of interesting cars to take part in a segment of the show, John didn't hesitate to put forward his 23-year-old Peugeot 206 which boasts panels adorned with vibrant, amateur artwork.

John said: "A Facebook friend sent me a link to an advert from itv.com. I saw the following words: 'We're on the hunt for people with interesting cars, whether it's colourful and themed, unique, really messy, or a beat up banger that gets lots of comments when you're driving around!’

"These words spoke to me. I knew deep inside that they were talking about my 23-year-old Peugeot 206."

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Basingstoke Gazette: John's car on setJohn's car on set (Image: Supplied)

His car may not have the look of a brand-new luxury vehicle, with its central locking system that has a mind of its own, a heater that operates on its preferred schedule, and a mirror secured by cable ties, but it is its exterior that caught ITV’s attention.

The Peugeot is a roving gallery showcasing pieces from friends, family, and occasional passers-by who've been encouraged to contribute to Bush’s mobile art project.

On John's vehicle, individual panels boast distinct personality and theme; from Incy Wincy Spider on a Psychedelic Web on the driver's door to a Pastellised Pendle Hill on the passenger side. The bonnet, however, would feature a rather different kind of art after his television appearance, as Stephen Mulhern decided to leave his autograph across the middle.

Despite the last-minute application and filming date, John received a call back from ITV’s producer and was directed to Basingstoke’s Asda car park on Monday morning by 8.30. He played it safe by avoiding social media and telling no one of his secret mission.

Greeted by the producer at Asda, John noticed the soaring number of 'shoppers' who were congregating with their phones in hand, keen to get a glimpse of Stephen Mulhern and the show's namesake stars, Ant and Dec. The filming concluded around 11.30am, by which time a crowd of around 200 star-struck fans had formed.

John continued: "I very rarely watch TV and I don't know anything about popular/celebrity culture. I thought, rather naively, that a kindly, avuncular presenter fellow might ask me about my car and we would discuss the colours and the painting and the ideas, and then there would be some kind of driving game and it would be genteel and sedate. I was mistaken."

The main event of John's TV debut was a zany game wherein he had to reverse his car into a parking space without the use of mirrors, directed by Ant.

Unfortunately, his hopes of bagging a £100 prize fell flat, as he ended up parked incorrectly. Regardless, John didn't shy away from jokingly suggesting that it was Ant, therefore, who owed him the money.

He explained: "Having discovered that I wasn't going to get £100 after the parking debacle, I had a quick word with Ant. I suggested that if he was directing me into a parking space and my car ended up parked incorrectly, then one could argue that it was his fault, so morally, ethically, and possibly a little optimistically, he owed me £100. I seem to remember Stephen agreeing."

Basingstoke Gazette: 23-year-old Peugeot 206 which boasts panels adorned with vibrant, amateur artwork.23-year-old Peugeot 206 which boasts panels adorned with vibrant, amateur artwork. (Image: Supplied)

John's comical retreat from the spot led to an unexpected twist, causing both Ant and Stephen to tumble to the ground as the car rolled back with the handbrake not properly applied.

After the game, the production crew swiftly assisted in returning John's vast array of possessions – including a pink guitar and ukulele – to his car, albeit in unintended spots.

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He was later invited to the live show as a 'production guest'. Though bothered by the loud, chaotic atmosphere backstage, John received notable recognition from one of the security personnel who remembered him from the vehicle segment.

When the time came to witness his segment, John admits to feeling bemused but overall, enjoyed the unique experience.

Both on and off-camera, he was fully immersed in the energetic atmosphere of the show, sharing jests with Ant and Dec, running errands for the production crew, and even finding joy at the most unexpected moment - being part of a confetti storm.

John explained: "With their very own uniquely coloured Blue-Men-heads. A deluge of paper confetti rained down on the audience as the staff fired their confetti guns into the air. That was good fun! I liked being in the middle of a confetti storm! Suddenly, I was part of it, I was just like everybody else in the audience."