CROWDS gathered in Asda car park this morning to catch a glimpse of presenters Ant and Dec as they filmed their hit show Saturday Night Takeaway.

The famous duo were joined by presenter Stephen Mulhern who was filming his segment In For a Penny, featuring people from Basingstoke and the surrounding areas with unusual cars.

The show’s producers appealed to people from Basingstoke to get in touch last week to take part in the programme today.

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News soon spread that the filming was taking place in Asda car park.

Crowds lined the roads around the car park to watch and take photos of the action.

The excitement grew when the stars of the show – Ant and Dec – arrived in a black van, dressed in their famous red and blue jumpsuits with their names on the back.

Basingstoke Gazette:

Part of the car park near the front of the store was cordoned off for the crew’s dressing rooms and toilets.

At one point, Ant and Dec were driven across the car park in the black van to the cordoned off area and away from the crowds.

Stephen, however, casually wandered across the car park in a fluffy white coat to chat to John Bush, who was chosen to feature on the programme.

The 67-year-old from Farnborough was picked because of his crazy coloured car featuring paintings designed by his family.

He spent more than 45 minutes filming with Ant and Stephen, including driving around the car park and parking up in front of the film crew.

Basingstoke Gazette:

Later, Stephen was seen taking off his white coat to reveal his famous gold jacket underneath ready for filming.

The crew set up cameras around the car park and security guards were dotted around asking people to stand back so they weren’t in shot of the filming.

Stephen was seen getting into a stretch limo which drove into a nearby residential road where a bin crew was working. It had to move out of the way for them to pass, and they beeped their horn and waved out of the window as residents came out to see what was going on.

Mary Trodd, 74, from Brighton Hill said: “My husband looked out of the window and he told me ‘Ant and Dec are in Asda car park’. I looked out and I thought ‘no’ and then I thought ‘yeah’ and I got ready and came out. I love Saturday Night Takeaway.”