Hampshire has secured a further £1,004,836 of government funding for new cycling and walking routes.

The money is expected to help the council deliver high-quality and safe walking and cycling routes as well as improved access to national parks — once its has undertaken proper consultation with residents and businesses. 

It can also be used to improve crossings and junctions and provide free cycle loans and training.

This is on top of £502,500 given to the county last year — and it is part of £101m being spent across England to boost cycling and walking.

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Kit Malthouse MP received confirmation of the funding and said: "This is a significant chunk of money which will help give people in North West Hants safer, healthier and more enjoyable ways to make their everyday journeys to places like school and the office.

“I’m pleased to see that a lot of the funding is going into rural areas and improving access into our national parks.

"Importantly, these schemes need the support of local residents and this funding will help ensure that local people are properly consulted on the plans first. 

"We will not only benefit from the new infrastructure, but the cleaner air and reduced congestion that these new cycling and walking routes will bring."