PROPOSALS are being developed for a ‘safe route’ for people cycling along A30 in Basingstoke.

Hampshire County Council is currently consulting on the first phase of the route planned to provide a connection from Brighton Hill Roundabout to Winchester Road Roundabout.

The council said: “It is proposed that preliminary design work will now be progressed on the proposed cycle route on the section of A30 Winchester Road between Brighton Hill Roundabout and Winchester Road Roundabout.”

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Basingstoke Gazette: One of the ideas put forward by Hampshire County Council for the A30The consultation follows public and stakeholder engagement last year, but the authority said that as the responses “did not provide overall support for the proposed layout at Winchester Road Roundabout, this will be subject to further optioneering alongside options for the continuation of the route towards the town centre”.

During the engagement in 2023, the majority of respondents agreed that the proposals for A30 Winchester Road would improve the experience of those walking and cycling, but some said the scheme was ‘unnecessary/a waste of resource’.

The council has said that the A30 has been identified as a ‘primary cycle route’ with Basingstoke’s Local Cycling and Walking Plan.

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“The overall route is planned to connect Basingstoke town centre to Drummer and will serve a key route for those looking to walk and cycle along the corridor, providing a high-quality infrastructure to enable and encourage these journeys,” the council said.

"New developments on the A30 corridor have increased the demand for travel. Ensuring people can undertake journeys without relying on a car improves travel choices for new and existing communities along the corridor.”

This first phase will continue the cycle facilities constructed as part of the Brighton Hill Roundabout improvement scheme, extending along the A30 Winchester Road to and Winchester Road Roundabout.

Future phases of the route will include improvements along Winchester Road towards the town centre, and west from Brighton Hill Roundabout towards Kempshott and Hatch Warren.

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