VANS belonging to a car rental company are parking ‘inconsiderately’ again despite complaints from residents and councillors.

As previously reported, the vans, which are believed to belong to Europcar, in Sherrington Way near Viables, had been parking along Lister Road, causing tailbacks and, at peak times, preventing traffic from turning into the road from the Harrow Way.

Cllr Andy Konieczko, Liberal Democrat councillor for Brighton Hill and cabinet member for strategic planning and infrastructure, said that although the company was not doing anything illegal by parking on the public road, it was causing a nuisance for drivers.

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Basingstoke Gazette: The vans parked along Lister RoadFellow Liberal Democrat councillor Ron Hussey said following an article about the problem in the Gazette, the vans stopped parking there and moved to next to the company's unit.

However, he has since complained to the company after the vans began parking along Lister Road again.

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He said: “This road is narrow, but for careful drivers still just wide enough to facilitate two-way traffic as well as a row of parked vehicles. However, the parked Europcar vans made two-way traffic difficult.”

He said there was an “immediate response to the Gazette article” after residents and councillors raised concerns. 

In a complaint to Europcar, Cllr Hussey said: “But within a few days, Europcar started parking vans in Lister Road once again. First, there were two, the following day three and today (April 12) six vans.

“Whilst the vans are legally parked, it is inconsiderate to other road users. It certainly isn’t good PR for your company.

“The vans are easy to identify. They either have Europcar livery or Europcar notice on the dashboard.

“Could you please let me know if it is company policy to allow this kind of practice and whether local residents need to expect this inconsiderate parking to continue?”

Europcar has been asked for a comment.