AN INTERNAL investigation following a police car crash in Basingstoke has concluded that no one was at fault.

As previously reported, grandfather Chris Clarke-Williams was driving his Nissan Leaf with his son in the passenger seat on February 27 when the crash happened outside the King of Wessex Pub, in Winchester Road, just after 2pm.

The incident resulted in the road being closed for several hours as emergency services including fire, police and ambulance dealt with the aftermath.

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Basingstoke Gazette: The crash involving a police car in Winchester RoadDespite Chris’s car ending up crashing into the wall of a house with its wheels in the air, the 71-year-old managed to escape relatively unharmed.

The former IT worker told the Gazette: “I felt a jolt and heard a very loud bang and realised something had hit us. I thought ‘what the blazes was that?’

“People came over quickly to ask if we were alright and the police were at the scene within a minute.”

Chris, whose son suffered bruising in the crash, has been waiting for Hampshire Constabulary to conduct a review of the incident and has now been told that no party committed any offence.

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A statement from Hampshire Constabulary confirmed: “No further action will be taken against any parties, as no driver was at fault. The collision has been reviewed internally as a matter of course by Driver Risk Management.”

Chris, a grandfather-of-four from Hammond Road, said the crash had knocked his confidence and he hoped it would lead to the police reviewing procedures.

The father-of-four, who is disabled, said the police car did not have its sirens on, adding: “I think they should have used their sirens when approaching a road junction. It’s not easy to see them. You can see a bit around the corner but it’s limited. It must have been one second between looking up the road and looking at where I’m going to turn out because I don’t want to hit anyone.”

Hampshire Constabulary has been asked whether the police car involved in the incident was responding to an emergency; whether it had its sirens on; and what learning points have been taken from the investigation.

The police officers involved in the crash suffered minor injuries.