The Basingstoke Gazette Camera Club members have been working hard this month to showcase the changing season. 

In March, our camera club members were asked to submit photos for the theme 'Impressions of the Season'. 

Of course, March is the month where we finally leave winter behind and enter spring. While we enjoyed lovely summer days, we couldn't rely on sunny skies all month. 

It's never easy for us to choose 18 images from all the submissions, but we have picked some highlights to share and have loved seeing all the photographs posted on the Facebook page.

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Do you have a stunning photo you would like to share with us? You can post it in the camera club's group once you have joined and you might be lucky enough to see your photograph in the paper, or on our social media pages including Facebook and Instagram. 

It is free and easy for anyone to join the camera club and a great way to share your amazing photos with others. Simply search for Basingstoke Gazette Camera Club on Facebook and click to join and you will be free to share with others in the group.

In no particular order...

  1. Spring has arrived in Glebe Gardens by Brenda Turner
  2. This handsome chap enjoys the new crops by Carolyn Brown
  3. Nothing beats a good daffodil by Stephen Cameron
  4. Mark Bulpitt appreciating the new daffodils
  5. The new creatures of spring by Abi Lewis
  6. A gorgeous rainbow by Stephen Cameron
  7. A playful photo of hares by Deborah Heath
  8. Morning mist over the War Memorial Park by Sarah Newman
  9. Morning mist amongst the sheep by Deborah Heath
  10. Welly boots ‘n’ new shoots by  Stephen Cameron
  11. Muddy paws from spring showers by Clare Storrow
  12. Magnolia in Del Cerroni's garden
  13. Spring fog over Old Down by Jen Churcher
  14. More spring rainbows from Stephen Cameron
  15. War Memorial Park falls victim to spring floods by Heather Hutchinson
  16. A beautiful daffodil by Mark Bulpitt
  17. Stephen Cameron shot this rainbow peaking through the trees
  18. Gorgeous creatures hiding in the grass by Carolyn Brown