AN HISTORIC house in Basingstoke is facing a decline due to a rise in anti-social activities plaguing the premises.

Grade II listed Skippetts House, in Skippetts Lane, is now targeted by vandals after years of neglect.

The once-grand structure has now become a problem for neighbouring houses with tiles thrown from the top of its roof damaging cars parked nearby.

Basingstoke Gazette: Skippetts House nowSkippetts House now (Image: Newsquest)

Residents of Skippetts Gardens have complained to Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council (BDBC), police, and the property owner for months, but there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for the ongoing anti-social activities.

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Skippetts House is a building of Tudor origin set in a 12-acre estate with its exterior mainly from the 18th century.

After its last resident died in April 1981, the house was last used as an office called ICS Solutions, which was dissolved in 2019.

The property was then bought by a developer named Knightspur Homes Ltd which wanted to convert it into residential units.

However, after this plan was refused by BDBC, Skippetts House has been left unsecured and unattended, making it “a hub for anti-social elements”, according to residents.

Basingstoke Gazette: Skippetts House has been left neglected for years now, according to neighboursSkippetts House has been left neglected for years now, according to neighbours (Image: Newsquest)

One resident, Andy, who has taken it upon himself to advocate for the property's protection, said the house is eventually going to crumble to the ground after years of neglect.

“The anti-social activity is constant, but it is usually after 3pm after the school hours and when the kids are off from school for holidays,” he said.

“These anti-social groups even come from afar. A group we confronted came from Reading.

“Skippetts House is meant to be a protected building. But the owners have never looked after it. They just let it get trashed.”

Basingstoke Gazette: Andy, one of the residents campaigning to protect Skippetts House, outside the historic buildingAndy, one of the residents campaigning to protect Skippetts House, outside the historic building (Image: Newsquest)

Andy said vandals have trashed the place by smashing all the windows and doors, doing graffiti everywhere and throwing tiles after climbing the roof.

They have also stolen lead and copper from the property.

“It’s a shame,” And said, adding: "They throw tiles into estates and damage the cars. That’s how it became personal for us. My neighbour’s car has been damaged twice.

Basingstoke Gazette: Anti-social groups have trashed the house and thrown tiles from roof of the buildingAnti-social groups have trashed the house and thrown tiles from roof of the building (Image: Newsquest)

After constant complaints from residents, the owner recently put a metal fence around the property, but residents say it is of no use.

“When we saw the fence, we all said ‘What an absolute joke’,” Andy said.

“All these kids had to do was push the fence over. They continued to trash the place even after they put up the fence.”

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However, having a fence around now helps the residents call the police because anyone entering the site is trespassing.

Police have reportedly attended the house multiple times since the fence was put up by the owner.

Andy said vandals were at Skippetts House even last weekend (March 16), trashing the house and causing a nuisance to neighbours. 

Andy said he also contacted Maria Miller MP and BDBC co-leader Gavin James for a permanent solution to the problem, but neither has helped. 

The residents are asking for a taller and more secure fence around the property to secure it completely.

A police spokesperson said officers have received a number of recent reports of anti-social behaviour at Skippetts House.

"On Thursday, March 7, we were called to a report that a group of youths were inside and were throwing items, screaming and shouting.

"Officers attended the scene, searched the building, but no one was found inside."

Basingstoke Inspector Jim Gallimore said: “Our teams take reports of anti-social behaviour extremely seriously as we know the negative impact it can have on the local community.

“Since receiving these reports, officers have spoken with local residents and patrolled the area. We will continue to work very closely with partners as we know these incidents are concerning to residents in the local community.

“Basingstoke has a strong sense of community and is a place where people should be able to go about their daily lives without feeling intimidated.

“We will continue to carry out visible patrols and encourage residents to report any incidents via 101, quoting the reference number 44240080028."

You can also report anti-social behaviour via

A BDBC spokesperson said: "The site has been the target of antisocial behaviour and the council’s planning team has been in touch with the landowner to request that they re-secure the area to prevent people from gaining access to it.

"The site is also regularly monitored by the council’s community safety patrol officers to deter antisocial behaviour, to provide reassurance to the local community and to report any concerns about the site. The team is in regular contact with the local neighbourhood police officer and will continue to work with the council’s planning team and conservation officers to ensure that any issues are raised with the landowner."

Owners Knightspur Homes Ltd could not be contacted.