Residents are objecting after a developer has applied for a planning permission to convert an office space in Basingstoke into 39 residential units.

The application submitted by Knightspur Homes Ltd seeks permission for the change of use of Skippetts House at Skippetts Lane West into flats and houses.

According to the planning application, the developer is hoping to convert 15 units on ground floor and six units on first floor into 21 flats and build an additional 18 houses near the building, along with associated parking, amenity space and landscaping.

However, the proposal has already invited objections from residents who are arguing that the development will further deteriorate the parking situation on Skippetts Lane.

Prue Cross, one of the residents of Skippetts Lane, wrote in a public comment that the development proposes 58 parking spaces which is not adequate for 39 properties.

Prue wrote: “The majority of three-bed houses will have two cars, as well as a large number of two-bed properties. Where will people park if there is not enough space? Where will their visitors park?

“There is already a parking problem at Skippetts Gardens. If there is not enough parking for the new development, the residents and their visitors are likely to try to park in Skippetts Gardens. This is not acceptable.”

Jessica Smith, another resident, wrote: “There is only one way in/out of Skippetts Gardens. The construction vehicles and other deliver vehicles will all have to use the same access road as we do to get to the building site. Not only will this increase in traffic be difficult, but the road will be in poorer condition due to mud.

“There are already 162 properties in Skippetts Gardens and these people will all have issues accessing the road to get in and out of the development when the building work commences.”

All the office spaces in Skippetts House are currently vacant. Skippetts Lane is predominantly residential in character with 162 properties coming under Skippetts Gardens and managed by Trinity Estates.