AN AWARD-winning street food venue is closing down to relocate inside Festival Place.

Festival Street Kitchen is closing on Monday, February 26, to relocate inside Festival Place in two weeks time.

The popular street food vendor burst onto the scene in October 2016 and has become a staple of the town ever since.

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Festival Street Kitchen is currently located in the food court just outside Festival Place, but will no longer trade there after today.

Instead, the business will move into the former Toni and Guy and Bhavi Beauty units inside Festival Place.

Husband and wife, Alex and Danielle Menicou, owners of Festival Street Kitchen, previously told the Gazette that "Business is great in the summer" but the pair "don't do so well in the winter". 

A major factor being that the business is based outdoors, with only a small indoor seating area.

Danielle added: "Our new premises will change that."

While it has been known for a while that the outdoor venue will close, the official date of closure and reopening has been kept vague.

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In a post on Instagram, the official Festival Street Kitchen account said: "WE ARE MOVING. We will be closed from today and opening in two weeks at our new site."

Alex and Danielle are self-confessed "massive foodies" who were inspired to establish their own unique street food brand after travelling the world.

Danielle previously told the Gazette: "We spent time in places like Thailand and India, and the food was next level.

"We knew that we had to take these flavours home with us."