THIS award-winning local street food business prides itself on sustainability.

Festival Street Kitchen, located in the food court just outside Festival Place, burst onto the scene in October 2016, and since then has become a staple in the town.

Husband and wife, Alex and Danielle Menicou, are self-confessed "massive foodies" who were inspired to establish their own unique street food brand after travelling the world.

Danielle told the Gazette: "We spent time in places like Thailand and India, and the food was next level."Basingstoke Gazette:

She continued: "We knew that we had to take these flavours home with us."

Inspired by their travels, the couple created 38 big-pan recipes, which rotate on a regular basis.

Alex said: "We make sure to use allergen-friendly ingredients, and we pride ourselves on sustainability."

Recent studies declared that 44 per cent of all plastic in the ocean is linked to takeaway packaging.Basingstoke Gazette:

Alex said: "We are very conscious about our packaging, our boxes and cutlery are made from vegetable starch, which means they are biodegradable."

Danielle said: "When we were in India, we saw the huge mountains of plastic and rubbish that just build up, and we thought that we can't contribute to this."

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Alex added: "We won't compromise on the packaging we use, it may cost more for us, but it is worth it in the long run"Basingstoke Gazette:

Danielle confessed that whilst "business is great in the summer" they "don't do so well in the winter", with a major factor being that the business is based outdoors, with only a small indoor seating area.

She said: "Our new premises will change that."

The company is set to move into the former Tony and Guy and Bhavi Beauty units within Festival Place later this year and will feature an upstairs area as well as open hatches for customers to "enjoy the smell of the food".

The couple plans to expand their business, and take the next step, whilst continuing to offer "good food at an affordable price".Basingstoke Gazette:

Alex wanted to make it clear that they "don't use frozen food, everything is made from scratch and sourced locally where possible".

He added: "We will soon serve chips, but we want to do them properly, they'll be hand cut and we won't be using seed oil."

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The business is decorated with awards, having previously received the Festival Place Gold Retailer Award two years running, as well as holding a 5-star food hygiene rating.

Best known for its "big pan" and American-style burritos, Festival Street kitchen is a truly unique local business.

Festival Street Kitchen also provides catering services, catering to businesses, family gatherings, weddings, and anniversaries, with more information available on its website.