A BASINGSTOKE preschool has been praised for being ‘warm, friendly and caring’ in its first inspection since opening.

St Anne’s Preschool, at St Anne’s Catholic Primary School, in Pinkerton Road, was visited by Ofsted on Wednesday, January 24.

In a report published by the education watchdog on Wednesday, February 14, it was rated ‘good’ in all areas.

The inspector found that children build “strong relationships with nurturing staff who place children's emotional security and uniqueness as central to everything they do”.

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Basingstoke Gazette: Staff and children at St Anne’s Preschool“Children take part in a wide range of motivating activities that support their ongoing good progress. They eagerly take part in a group rhyme time activity where they copy the actions and sing along in time to the music,” the report said.

It was observed that children ‘develop positive attitudes to learning’ and remain engaged at activities for long periods of time and show keenness to learn new things.

Staff were praised for promoting children’s critical thinking skills and using “well-placed questions to deepen children's thinking, so when children come across a problem, they have a way of working out the answer for themselves”.

It added: “Staff effectively support children to make friends, keep safe and live healthy lives.”

The report continued: “The trustees have effective oversight. They ensure clear lines of accountability for any safeguarding matters, which supports a continued commitment to keeping children safe as a priority.”

It was highlighted that parents speak very positively about the good progress children have made, ‘particularly in confidence and independence’.

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Ofsted said that for the preschool to further improve the quality of early years provision it should strengthen the curriculum for supporting children's acquisition of language and reflect the culture and diversity of the children attending the preschool in the resources and activities.

Preschool manager Katie Reid said: "The inspector spent the day with staff and children of St-Anne’s Preschool and even had her lunch with the children. She said “children enjoy attending this warm, friendly and caring preschool”. 

"Since opening in January 2022, the preschool has welcomed lots of children and their families in to the setting. This is a great achievement for us and we are very proud to receive a good Ofsted for our first inspection."