A BASINGSTOKE mum has designed a product which is appearing on the shelves of a cosmetics retailer globally.

Kimberley Franks has created the Wild Violet Co-Mingle body scrub, which is now part of Lush’s Mother’s Day collection.

Kimberley, who is the manager of Lush in Festival Place, Basingstoke, said the inspiration behind the product was her two-year-old daughter Violet, capturing capturing her personality with the product's unique name and sharing the same fragrance as Lush's Kerbside Violet perfume.

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She said: “I love to use luxurious products with proper skin care benefits, and something like a Co-Mingle is perfect for a pampering experience, even if you're short on time.

"Violet's name is really special to me, so it couldn't have been another fragrance. Kerbside Violet is such a great spring scent as it's complex enough to be interesting- sweet and powdery, but fresh and clean at the same time. My daughter is only two so she doesn't understand that the product is named after her yet, but I'll be keeping some pots for when she's older.”

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Kimberley is also the co-chair for the UK&I Parents Community Network, after she found it challenging to return to work after her parental leave and was inspired to help and support other parents in the area.

“When I returned from my second parental leave after Violet was born I found that being a working parent, especially to young children, can be challenging at best, and I struggled with 'mum guilt' and found it quite hard to get the balance between work and home,” the 34-year-old said.

“I was keen to create a space for parents to come together for support, solidarity and to influence change within the business. One of my favourite things is the connections made through the network, between people who may not usually work together or cross path.”