IT TOOK almost two years and £20m to build the new Brighton Hill Roundabout.

Yet since it was completed in December 2023, the Hampshire County Council scheme has been constantly criticised by drivers who have no idea how to navigate it.

Now, a group of more than 20 driving instructors from Basingstoke say they won’t take learner drivers on it because it is too confusing.

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They are calling on the county council to explain how drivers should tackle the roundabout.

But really, this is no good. We can’t all be given a ‘how to’ manual with instructions. What about drivers who come from outside of Basingstoke?

Basingstoke Gazette: Brighton Hill RoundaboutThe county council needs to ensure that the roundabout is fit for purpose and that it makes sense for all road users.

I’ve been beeped at a few times driving around the new roundabout because I’ve followed the signs but the road markings don’t seem to match up.

The council needs to address concerns raised by residents and driving instructors and it needs to answer questions about what changes it will make, when these will be made, how much they will cost, and how it got it so wrong in the first place.