MORE than 20 driving instructions are calling on the county council to explain how drivers should tackle Brighton Hill roundabout, claiming it makes no sense.

The group of 24 driving instructors contacted the Gazette to air concerns about the roundabouts' markings and signs.

The news comes after the Gazette asked readers their thoughts about the £20 million scheme which saw the busy roundabout in Brighton Hill converted to a traffic light system with overpasses.

Many have been vocal online, voicing their opinions on the huge scheme which took nearly two years to complete. 

Basingstoke Gazette: A view of the 'completed' Brighton Hill Roundabout

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Stephen Sillitoe, who lives in Alton, has been a driving instructor for 17 years and the 54-year-old said that three exits on the roundabout have currently been removed from tests.

He said: "The roundabout markings and signage make no sense and some turns are not doable."

He said that drivers are concerned that confusing signs mean you have to switch lanes when travelling around the roundabout, especially from the Winchester Road entry.

He said instructors are finding it hard to get to South Ham because the marking or signage on the roundabout is wrong and both indicate you have to switch lane. Stephen said this is nearly impossible with traffic in the other lanes. 

He added: "If qualified drivers don't know how to navigate it how am I meant to teach a learner to? "

Stephen, along with the other instructors, are calling on Hampshire County Council to make it clear how they intend drivers to navigate the roundabout.

"They must have known or had an idea how the roundabout would work when they designed it and we need to know," he added.

"We hope that if they explain this it will help highlight if the signage or road markings are wrong."

He told the Gazette that only three directions on the roundabout are currently being used by instructors.

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He added: "If you just ignore the signs it works but if you follow the signs it doesn't and I can't teach learners to ignore the signs."

He hopes if the council responds it will highlight a mistake.

A Hampshire County Council spokesperson said: “Brighton Hill Roundabout has been designed to meet current design standards, and this includes signage and road markings. We recognise that once a new road scheme is in operation, particularly at a complex junction such as this one, there may be adjustments that we need to make to help drivers familiarise themselves with the changed layout.

"As part of our ongoing monitoring of the Brighton Hill site and following engagement with local road users - including driving test examiners - some road markings and signage are to be revised to further assist drivers.”