A Basingstoke man who developed a cat-friendly toothbrush will appear on Dragon’s Den on BBC One.

Victor Carpio and his business Inventor Cat, which is dedicated to feline oral care and well-being, will be featured in the Dragon’s Den episode that will be broadcast on Thursday, February 1.

Dental Wand, the toothbrush created under his business Inventor Cat, is a cat-friendly toothbrush designed to transform the often-challenging task of feline dental care into a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

Mr Carpio, who has a master’s in business management and innovation said he got the inspiration to develop Dental Ward after finding that it was a nightmare to brush the teeth of his cat Lilo.

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Speaking to the Gazette after filming the Dragon’s Den episode, Mr Carpio said it was an amazing experience.

Basingstoke Gazette: Victor Carpio at the Dragon's DenVictor Carpio at the Dragon's Den (Image: Contributed)

“The presentation went well. Being there at such an incredible stage is an honour. I was extremely lucky to be there and I'm gracious for the opportunity.”

Mr Carpio, however, said it was an intense session.

“You do get nervous there. When someone asks you a question, you look at them and you see that everything around their face was blurred like an Instagram filter. It was kind of like a tunnel vision. They knew what they were doing as they are very clever and experienced.”

Basingstoke Gazette: Victor Carpio at the Dragon's DenVictor Carpio at the Dragon's Den (Image: Contributed)

The 30-year-old also shared the story of how he came up with the idea for the Dental Ward.

“When I tried brushing my cat’s teeth it was horrible. My cat was meowing, trying to get out, I was crying ‘it’s for your own good’ trying to keep his teeth safe. No cleaning was done and frustration stained the room. 

“I hated the experience and so did my cat and I embarked on this journey because I believe that there has to be a better way, I believe that looking after your cat should not be stressful for you and your cat.

“Most cat owners can’t even get close to their cat’s mouth let alone brush it daily. A cat toothbrush doesn’t ensure cooperation from the cat and it requires a lot of technical ability from the owner.

Basingstoke Gazette: Victor Carpio's cat Lilo using the Dental WandVictor Carpio's cat Lilo using the Dental Wand (Image: Contributed)

“So, I studied and got certified in advanced feline dentistry for veterinary nurses. Through 30 months of research, development and testing of various prototypes our Dental Wand was ready. We made sure to get our work reviewed by cat experts and individuals from ICC during its development to keep on the right track and ensure the Dental Wand generated the best results.

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“The Dental Wand is a wand toy that is specifically designed to brush your cat’s teeth. It engages your cat’s instincts to hunt to drive the act of brushing their teeth. The Dental Wand encourages cooperation from the cat, no matter their age and it allows the cat to make positive associations with you and the brushing experience meaning after every use brushing gets easier and your bond also improves.

“Best thing is that it doesn’t require technical ability from the owner.”

The Dental Wand can be bought from the business’s website: inventorcat.co.uk/

The outcome of the Dragon’s Den episode remains confidential until the broadcast.

You can watch the episode on TV or on BBC website: bbc.co.uk/programmes/m001vwsj