Basingstoke's residents have reacted to news that the town had been nominated as one of the 'most depressing' in the UK.

As previously reported, residents across Britain are being asked to nominate the areas they live as the most 'depressing' place by town review site More than 150 British towns and cities are currently nominated.

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The poll has become something of an annual tradition but has changed this year, with the emphasis on finding the 'most depressing place to live', as opposed to the 'worst place to live'.

However, Basingstoke residents have responded to quash the rumours.

The Gazette went to Chineham to speak to town residents. 

Val Hurt said: "We live in Chineham and have for a long time, and we really like the area. Some things aren't so great about Basingstoke, but you will get that no matter where you go.

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"The worst thing is how quiet the town centre is, but that isn't necessarily a local issue, it's a national one."

Others said that Basingstoke had always called them home whenever they moved away. 

Nicki Aston added: "I've lived here since I was 11, and we've always thought it's a pretty good place to live."

Jan MacDonald said: "I think Basingstoke is great. I've moved away and always ended up moving back sooner or later.

"It's got a great location and connection routes to anywhere in the south, it is surrounded by nature and has got a fantastic, diverse community, with loads of clubs, sports and more to get involved in. Really it's about your individual mindset because if you want to make the most of things, there is plenty to do and enjoy."

Nature also came out as one of the best things about the town. 

Mary Kingshott said: "We moved here and think it is such a beautiful area. Trees line the roads, and with a short drive, you're straight out into the countryside. The shopping situation in the town isn't particularly ideal, but again that's not an issue that is specific to here."

David Pierce said: "Ultimately, it could be so much worse. We as people find the slightest thing to complain about, but if you take a step back and have a think, Basingstoke is a great place to be."