A DRIVER has criticised the traffic light placement on a busy roundabout in Basingstoke, after witnessing "several near misses".

Nigel Jones contacted the Gazette to highlight safety concerns he has with Black Dam roundabout's traffic light system on the A30, after witnessing a near miss which he caught on camera.

You can view his dashcam footage below:

In the video, you can see a driver reacting to the light in front of him, on the roundabout itself, turning green, while the A30 traffic lights - which apply to the lane the driver is in - remain red.

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The driver heads onto the roundabout and narrowly avoids a collision with a car which is driving on the roundabout.

Nigel said: "This shows the traffic lights on the roundabout turning green. These are fully visible from the A30 access lane but do not apply to the A30.

"The A30 lights can be seen closer to my car, and remain on red. Unfortunately, the car on my right reacted to the green light and started to cross the roundabout.

"He appears to brake and is just missed by a vehicle travelling at speed from the right. On this occasion, no harm was done.

"It is very easy to misread the lights at this junction. I have witnessed several near misses over the months. The roundabout, as designed, is not safe."

The Gazette has contacted National Highways, which operates and maintain the traffic lights on Black Dam roundabout, for a comment on the matter.