HAMPSHIRE County Council is considering adjusting traffic light timings on a newly redeveloped roundabout in Basingstoke.

The council says it is "likely" to make changes to the traffic light system on Brighton Hill roundabout this month, following feedback from drivers.

As previously reported, many drivers who have used the roundabout, which recently reopened following a £20m redevelopment, noted that the traffic lights turn red a little too frequently, prompting a lot of 'stop-starting' when navigating the roundabout.

One reader commented: "Too many red lights. You enter the roundabout and have to stop at the first, second, and sometimes even the third lights."

Basingstoke Gazette: A view of the 'completed' Brighton Hill Roundabout

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Another said: "Actually prefer the old layout. [It] takes 20 mins to get from one side to the other once you stop at every set of lights."

Now, the council has addressed the issue and is planning to make necessary adjustments.

A spokesperson for Hampshire County Council said: "The council is currently monitoring demand and signal timings at the roundabout and will make any adjustments needed to ensure the smooth flow of traffic.

"Some changes are likely to happen this month now that traffic levels have returned to normal following the Christmas and New Year period."

The redevelopment scheme was completed in December, and the roundabout has been fully operational for nearly a month.

Now that the festive period is over, the county council will assess the flow of traffic and make the necessary tweaks to the traffic light system.