WHAT do you think about the redevelopment of Brighton Hill Roundabout?

Our readers have shared their thoughts about the £20million scheme which saw the busy roundabout in Brighton Hill converted to a traffic light system with overpasses.

Many have been vocal online, voicing their opinions on the huge scheme which took nearly two years to complete. Here are some of our readers' reactions, showing the positive and negative views of those who have driven round the new roundabout. 

Readers react to Brighton Hill Roundabout redevelopment

One of the most common criticisms is the frequency the lights turn red, prompting drivers to stop more often than they would like to.

One reader commented: "Too many red lights. You enter the roundabout and have to stop at the first, second, and sometimes even the third lights."

Another said: "Actually prefer the old layout. [It] takes 20 mins to get from one side to the other once you stop at every set of lights."

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Many readers mentioned the lack of lane discipline from drivers who are unfamiliar with the new layout.

One reader said: "As for lane discipline, if you get stuck in the wrong lane and can't change safely, take the consequences, don't cut someone up but go off at the wrong exit and re-route. It's your responsibility."

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Many readers prefer the redesign, praising the driver-friendly layout.

Another reader said: "I quite like the layout! The road signs are easy to read and the lines all work in guiding you in the right direction!"

However, there are those who believe the drastic change in layout might cause problems.

One reader said: "Accident waiting to happen."

While another added: "I predict accidents, especially on the section that goes from Harrow Way to Brighton Hill Road."

Some readers have already experienced the benefits of the redevelopment in everyday life, making journeys at peak times quicker.

One reader said: "Made the school run quicker to and from for me so win-win for me."

One gripe that many have is not with the roundabout itself, but the drivers who use it.

One reader said: "Every single time I’ve been on this roundabout since it fully opened I’ve been cut up by cars dashing across lanes.

"Nothing [is] actually wrong with the new roundabout, it’s the people driving on it."

Another reader added: "Went round it the other night, seems a large portion of drivers actually have little idea of how it's supposed to work."

What are your thoughts on the roundabout now that it has been open for a while?