A tank has appeared outside Wickes in Basingstoke, to protest against a customer's 'poor quality' kitchen fit.

Paul Gibbons, 63, from Kingsclere, had been looking to install a new kitchen in his property, enquiring to numerous businesses before approaching Wickes in Basingstoke in February to carry out the work.

The kitchen, which cost £25,000, was intended to be fitted to a high-quality standard within two weeks, but 10 months later Paul is still trying to get issues rectified.

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Paul told the Gazette that he has experienced several issues. He claims that the drawers and doors do not close, his kitchen has unusable storage which falls out of place, and mould is allegedly growing underneath the sink.

Paul said: "The finish throughout is so poor, and half of the kitchen doesn't fit as it should. I agreed to the contract and what I was told would be two weeks of work, and 10 months later I am still left with a kitchen which I can't even use as you should.

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"The worst thing about it is that Wickes refuse to accept that the quality of the kitchen is nowhere near the standard it should be, and it's an issue I'm not alone in having with Wickes.

"They should deal with these issues when they arise rather than palming people off, and I'm making a stand simply to say that it's not right."

A spokesperson for Wickes said: "We are aware of the situation at the Basingstoke store and would like to apologise for any inconvenience that has been caused to shoppers visiting the store today.

"Our Customer Relations team is in contact with the customer to discuss their installation and help to resolve the issue."