An 82-year-old woman from Basingstoke has thanked the NHS and good citizens after falling ill while attempting to pick up her husband's prescription.

On Monday, August 7, Patricia Bartlett, who lives in Downsland Road, went to get the bus to Crown Heights Medical Centre with her husband Patrick to pick up his prescription. 

Prior to getting the bus, Patricia began feeling unwell, so her and Patrick decided to start making their way back home. Immediately after, Patricia grabbed Patrick's arm and fainted.

Passing cars in Worting Road stopped, with a number of people stopping and helping Patricia back to her feet, even offering to take the couple to their home. 

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Patricia and Patrick thanked the men for their help but decided to try and walk the remaining distance back to their home.

Patricia said she felt 'absolutely dreadful' and hadn't made it more than 20 feet before they had to stop again, with Patricia using Patrick's walker to sit down.

Another resident in Downsland Road came out to aid Patricia, who turned out to be a paramedic. With Patricia's and Patrick's consent, the paramedic rang an ambulance, which swiftly arrived. 

Patricia was treated on board the ambulance and was taken to Basingstoke hospital to ensure she was well. Patrick, who agreed to go home, received a lift in the ambulance, who dropped him off right in front of their house.

Patricia spent 11 hours in hospital, where a number of checks were carried out and nurses attended to Patricia and ensured she was comfortable and feeling well. She left the hospital and has been feeling better ever since.

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Patricia and Patrick said: "Honestly, you couldn't have received better care privately. Everyone was so kind and friendly and couldn't do enough for me (Patricia), always checking that I was okay. They were so attentive.

"Really we just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the people who helped that day. The kind gentlemen down the road who stopped to help, our lovely paramedic neighbour for coming out when she noticed Patricia wasn't well and helping to keep us comfortable and calm, the ambulance workers who were absolutely fantastic and so attentive, and the wonderful staff at the hospital. They were all so kind and considerate, and absolutely brilliant.

"A thank you goes a long way, so I hope everyone involved sees this so they can see how much we appreciate all the help and kindness we received."