AFTER more than two weeks all of those affected by the major internet and phone outage in Basingstoke have been reconnected.

Hospitals, businesses and around 4,000 Basingstoke families had their internet and phone lines cut off on June 8 after Hampshire County Council’s contract workers accidentally damaged an underground network cable while undertaking the Brighton Hill Roundabout piling works.

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The council blamed the incorrect mapping of the cabling for the incident, and said the information and records showed the fibre optic cabling to be in a different position.

Outreach engineers have been working for two weeks to repair the cables and today (June 23) all services have now been restored.

An Openreach spokesperson said: "Following two weeks of repair work, engineers have restored service to our network in Basingstoke.

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"While we were able to repair all fibre cables by 14 June, the scale and nature of the damage to the copper network meant that it took longer to repair. All homes and businesses in and around Basingstoke should now be back online.

"We’d like to once again thank everyone affected again for their patience and remind everyone to contact their provider if they have any further faults.”

It comes as county councillor Stephen Reid said he would like know who can be held responsible for the outage and if compensation be payable.

He also asked the council if its contracts include penalty clauses if contractors make mistakes that cause the sort of problems that are still being experienced in Basingstoke.

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