AN INTERNET outage affecting thousands of homes and businesses across Basingstoke is thought to have been caused by work to the Brighton Hill Roundabout.

Thousands of people have been without internet and phone access since yesterday, which has caused widespread disruption in Basingstoke, including at GP surgeries, at Basingstoke hospital, and for those working from home.

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Openreach said the network in Basingstoke was accidentally damaged by a third party on Wednesday evening, and its engineers are now working to fix the problem.

Vans are parked up at the Brighton Hill Retail Park, next to the Brighton Hill Roundabout, where it is understood the problem began.

It is understood that workers at the Brighton Hill Roundabout damaged cables yesterday resulting in the internet outage.

Around 4,000 homes, businesses and other organisations are affected.

The £20million Brighton Hill Roundabout scheme, which began in January, is being carried out by Milestone Infrastructure Limited, appointed by Hampshire County Council.

Hampshire County Council has been asked for a statement. It said it is looking into the matter to "establish the facts". 

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