A Basingstoke woman has been attacked by a dog outside Sainsbury's supermarket in Hatch Warren.

Tracey Taylor was leaving the shop just after 1.40pm today when she said a small, white hound set upon her.

“I was simply walking away from the store with my shopping, I didn’t interact with the dog so it was a completely unprovoked attack,” she said.

Tracey said the dog was with its owners and was on a long lead. She has contacted the police following the incident. 

"They are extremely lucky I didn’t have my children with me at this time, I dread to think what could have happened," she said. 

Basingstoke Gazette: Tracey's injuries (Credit: Tracey Taylor) Tracey's injuries (Credit: Tracey Taylor)

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Speaking to The Gazette, Tracey said she would like the owners to acknowledge what happened and take steps to ensure it doesn't happen again.

She said: "I would like to have confirmation from the owners that they will in future take full responsibility for their dog, which includes protecting the public.

"I would hate to hear if this dog has attacked someone else, especially a child."

Tracey praised staff at the supermarket who reviewed CCTV and helped settle her after the alarming incident.

“The staff there were very good in administering first aid and calming me down. They checked the CCTV straight away,” she told The Gazette.

Tracey couldn’t be sure of what breed of dog it was, saying: “I’m not good with breeds but I know it had a bloody strong jaw though!”

She said she was too shocked to stop and take details or pictures but is now concerned the canine might attack a child.

Posting a warning to a community page on Facebook, she said: “Please, please keep your children safe until I can get further details. I’m currently waiting for an x-ray.”

Tracey shared pictures of her wounds which show marks to her hand and her fingers bandaged.

“Nothing is broken though it’s very painful and needs to be kept strapped up,” she said.

Tracey told The Gazette she has received her results back and while thankfully, no bones are broken, she is still in a lot of pain.

"I had the results back, nothing is broken but they think I have tendon trauma hence why it’s so painful and I can’t move my little finger," she said. 

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Basingstoke Gazette: Tracey's injuriesTracey's injuries

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Earlier in the day, a Basingstoke man walking his cocker spaniel at Stratton Park told The Gazette his pet was attacked by a similar white dog, wearing a jacket.

Today’s incidents come just weeks after a number of people were injured in a dog attack at Down Grange Sports Complex.

Hampshire Constabulary were called to the centre just after 3.30pm on Thursday, November 5 to reports of a dog being seriously attacked by another hound.

Officers were told a number of people were injured by the animal as they sought to get it under control.

Police seized the dog and launched a witness appeal to get to the bottom of what happened.

In September, police launched an appeal for an ‘out of control’ dog in the Brighton Hill area.

The force had seized a dog after reports of it attacking two other animals.

A map of recent dog attacks in Basingstoke

The incident happened on Tuesday, September 1 at Brighton Hill Sports Pavilion.

A Labrador assistance dog was left with a puncture wound to its neck and needed urgent treatment.

The dog’s owner also was injured as she tried to separate them.

The second incident happened on the same day between 6.45am and 7.15am on Hatch Warren Way.

A woman was walking her pet off the led when the same animal set upon it and bit its neck.

Police confirmed the offending dog was an American Bulldog. They seized the dog and placed it in a secure kennel.

Anyone with information was asked to call 101, quoting reference 44200336372.