A BASINGSTOKE mum is living in ‘disgusting’ conditions, with extensive damp and mould forcing her and her baby daughters into sleeping and living in just one room.

Carla Hall, 27, lives in Quilter Road, Brighton Hill, with her two daughters, aged one and six months.

She first moved into the property, owned by Sovereign housing, in August 2018 and noticed that there was a little bit of mould on the walls and ceiling.

“When I first moved in I saw a few spots. I reported it and nothing got done. They later sent someone out and he washed it off. I reported again and they put scaffolding up and said they fixed a few tiles, but if anything it made it worse,” she said.

Basingstoke Gazette: Carla Hall with her baby daughters, now aged one and six monthsCarla Hall with her baby daughters, now aged one and six months

“The mould is in every room. There is yellow, sticky sap and the ceiling is dripping water. I have had to throw away everything, basically - all of the children’s clothes and my bed frame because it got into the wood.

“We are all sleeping in the living room. I am on a mattress on the floor and my daughters in cots.”

Carla is very concerned for her children’s health, after trips to the doctors confirmed the condition of their home is taking its toll.

She said: “It’s just got worse and it’s just disgusting. My two children are so so ill from being in this property. I have taken them both to the doctors with nasal infections and they said it’s because of the mould, the spores are blocking their airways. This is really affecting their health, especially my youngest. She is only six months old so her immune system isn’t fully developed, and they were both born quite small as well.”

Carla felt desperate, wanting to provide a safe environment for her children but unable to do so.

“I don’t know who to turn to, I have vents open in the windows to circulate air, I am doing all the right things. I think the whole roof is going to need replacing to be honest,” she said.

“During the lockdown it’s been hard. Normally I would take them to the park to get them out of here, but I can’t really do that as much, it’s winter now. It also gets quite cold in here - the heater in the bedroom doesn’t work and I have reported that too.”

Carla escalated the issue to an official complaint with Sovereign housing, and also reached out to Maria Miller MP.

She said: “In a way it makes me feel like a bad parent, having my children in this environment. I can’t make it home for them because of the state of it.”

Sovereign have now found temporary accommodation for the family while repair work is underway.

Michelle Larkin, head of repairs (East) at Sovereign, said: “The health and wellbeing of our residents is of paramount importance to us and we are eager to rectify the problems that Carla has experienced in her home. We have carried out a number of repairs but unfortunately these haven’t resolved the problem. We were able to investigate the cause further on an agreed planned visit earlier this week and it became apparent that we need to carry out some urgent repairs to the roof.

“To enable us to do this effectively, we have arranged for alternative and suitable accommodation for Carla and her family while the work is carried out.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience this will cause. Once the repairs have been completed Carla and her family will be able to move back home in the new year”.