The benefits of plastic roof tiles

Traditionally, roof tiles were usually made of concrete, slate or clay, recently there has been a new development plastic roof tiles. They are tough, long lasting and relatively easy to shape and produce.Another important advantage of plastic is colour. Traditional tiles rely on a complicated process, which can involve burning sand to a particular formula, then coating the sand on the tile after turning it into slurry. With plastic, colours can be added using a far simpler method.Via the use of moulds, plastic tiles can be easily shaped and cut, making for uniformity across a whole production run. When laying plastic tiles on a roof, they are easy to align and lighter to work with. They are also less likely to change colour, or to “weather”, as quickly as traditional methods. Better quality plastic roofing is manufactured from ultra-hardwearing polycarbonate, which has rapidly become a favourite to work with. When smaller sections are needed on the end of runs, the tiles are easy to cut and fit.There are huge benefits to the environment in going plastic. The tiles are often made from recycled materials, and their use means less need for quarrying. The energy required to produce them is significantly less than for traditional materials. Plastic roof tiles are the future for roofing needs. Plastic roof tiles ing/Plastic_Roof_Tiles.aspx