TWO unsung heroes of Marlow Rowing Club's phoenix like rise from the ashes have been hailed by the Mayor.

The fire hit club secured the critical £1m funding from Sport England to rebuild its clubhouse on March 15.

The announcement was made at a star-studded occasion featuring the club's Olympic and Paralympic medal winners.

But Mayor Jocelyn Towns feels the role of club chairman Peter Hunt and chief fundraiser Chris Lenton has been somewhat overshadowed.

She said the lottery funding which will go towards the £2m plus restoration was an amazing achievement.

She said: "We should sing the praises of Peter Hunt, whose leadership has been immense, and since the fire has operated on an almost full time basis, which as a volunteer is staggering. And Chris Lenton, the official fundraiser, whose focus has been entirely on influencing, lobbying and tirelessly working on raising this money. Their work and commitment to the club made this happen.

"Creating a Water Sports Hub enabled them to apply for the funding, which will be a great benefit for our Town and we really look forward to the new club being up and running."

She said it was also quite a feat for rowing to have continued despite the fire.