BASINGSTOKE Disc Golf Club are now busy raising funds, so they can built a permanent course for their sport, at their home near the Toby Carvery at Down Grange.

The club have just finished hosting the World Championships in Basingstoke, which proved to be a great success and now want to push the sport further in the local area.

Having a permanent course would be great for the club, but also for the whole town, as anyone could use it an any time. At the moment you can only take play the sport at club events.

Basingstoke Disc Golf Club chairman Phil Harrison said: “We had nothing but praise from the other counties which took part in the World Championships and now we want to make it even easier for the people of Basingstoke to try the sport of disc golf.

“It is a sport which is open to everyone of any age and any age.”

Harrison took up the sport three years ago and the club itself was formed in 2012, and it was a great achievement in five years they were hosting the World Championships.

Talking about a permanent course, the club’s chairman added: “We are looking to raise £6,000, which would give us a permanent nine hole course and we are in talks with the Toby Carvery to hire out discs, so that people will be able to play at any time.

Across the world, disc sports are now getting recognised, so there is no reason why in years to come it will not be part of the Olympics and Great Britain could be winning a gold medal in the sport.”

The Basingstoke Disc Golf Club meets every Sunday morning from 10am near the Toby Carvery and tees off at 11am and has a growing membership with 20 active players.

Anyone can come along any age and any gender this is a sport for all and try it out.

l The club has also opened a just giving page for anyone who would like to help their fund raising as follows