BASINGSTOKE Bison have beefed up their defence even more for the forthcoming season with the addition of the Baird brothers, Joe and Brendan.

Experienced blue liner Joe Baird is the latest Herd re-signing.

He was a key member of the double-winning side last season, while his brother Brendan becomes the second player to join from Bracknell Bees.

Both take no prisoners on the ice and are not afraid to put their bodies on the line.

The 2014-15 campaign will be Joe’s sixth full season with the Bison and the 34-year-old has been a member of three trophy-winning Herd teams.

He also celebrated reaching his 500th game in the English Premier League earlier this year and scored in the play-off final win over Manchester.

Brendan started his career in the juniors at Basingstoke before moving to Bracknell and was a key member of the treble-winning under-18 Bracknell Drones side last year.

Brendan’s performances for the Drones and Hornets, Bracknell’s National League team, saw the 18-year-old end the season suiting up for the Bees, and he scored twice in 10 games.

Bison player Doug Sheppard is delighted to welcome both brothers to Basingstoke and said: “Joe brings so much experience to the team.

“He is a physical guy, but he is also smart offensively as he able to play the first pass out of his own zone.

“Brendan is someone who impressed me when I played against him and he joins us as our sixth defenceman.

“He has a lot of talent and I am looking forward to coaching him and seeing how he develops over the season.”

Returning defenceman Joe Baird said: “I really enjoyed last season, and winning a couple of trophies made it extra special.

“It is certainly going to be different having my brother on the team. Hopefully myself and few of the guys can pass on our knowledge to him.

“He is just as physical as me and Doug (Sheppard) really gives the youngsters a chance. I think playing in Basingstoke will be good for him.”