KENNET Ospreys’ Steve Hunt is through to the final of the Garbolino Club Angler of the Year event.

Fishing pole and meat, Hunt laid waste to an 80-strong semi-final field to win with 156lb of carp, the best being a 20lb specimen.

The final will be held at Cob House Fishery in Worcester, where weights in excess of 400lb are regularly caught. With 45 of the country’s best in the line up a good event looks on the cards, and I wouldn’t back against our man getting a result.

Adventure AS went to Orchard Lakes last Sunday, where match secretary Nick Sargent topped out with 111lb 8oz of mixed on pole, meat and paste. Andy Quarmby filled second spot with 106lb 6oz of mixed on pole and pellet. Mick Forham’s 97lb 12oz of all sorts was a pole and pellet affair, while Colin Shepherd stuck to meat for his 78lb 12oz.

Sixteen fished and caught.

Camrose AC went to Cove Pit at Theale for their latest match, and it was Tadley Angling’s jovial proprietor Kevin Roberts who turned all and sundry over with 154lb 8oz of carp up in the water. Paul Bassinder put pole and meat to good use for his 126lb 14oz of carp. Darren Brown was third on 95lb 15oz on pole and pellet, with Ralph Seddons’ paste caught 79lb 14oz next.

Twelve fished and caught.

The river fishing season started last Monday, and according to the local tackle shops, it began with a whimper. No significant upturn in trade was reported and river and canal permit sales were flat.

Kennet Ospreys’ match at Timsbury Manor saw an improvement on the venue that has been patchy of late.

Ian Jones took the honours with 105lb of carp on pole and meat. Bartosz Recki also fished pole and meat for his 86lb of carp close in. Steve Hunt’s 84lb was also a meat affair, while Camouflage Jim’s 69lb was good enough for fourth spot.

Catch of the day, however, was a 24lb pike, caught by Tony Woolford, on a pole and a single grain of corn.

After this match, and due to his sparkling performance, Camouflage Jim is available for opening supermarkets and other promotional functions.

Fourteen fished and caught.

Basingstoke Railway club went to Blue Pool for their match, and Ben Truman won it with 25lb 12oz of carp on pole and corn. Colin Ariss fished the pellet wag for his 22lb 10oz of carp. Alan Wells put the feeder to good use for his 19lb of carp, while Lyn Matthews’ solitary carp weighed 13lb 12oz.

Fourteen fished and caught.

I am now back in circulation after my Irish fishing trip and holiday in Majorca, where ’er indoors and myself picked up a flu-like bug.

’Er indoors was worse than me, of course, and she insisted that I wait on her like I used to.

She must have had someone else in mind, for I have never waited on her, or anyone else come to think of it.

Catch me next week.