BASINGSTOKE RFC chairman Steve Tristram and president John Evans were re-elected at Tuesday’s well attended AGM at the club’s Down Grange home, but both will step down in 2015.

Tristram is determined to make his final year a successful one both on and off the field and the club are set to elect a vice-chairman at another meeting in six weeks time, with the idea that they will step up to be chairman this time next year.

Tristram said: “It has been a challenging time at the club and it was a shame we made a loss this year, but we understand the reasons for this – mostly due to extending our finance year to June and having no extra income from memberships or sponsorship.

“So I felt this time around was not the right time to step down.”

The club will have a finance meeting in around six weeks time and at that point will also appoint a vice-chairman, which is a good move in the eyes of the current chairman, who took over the role in 1994.

Tristram added: “I am very much in favour in having a vice-chairman so they can see what is involved and it will mean a smooth transition.

“The club is going forward in many ways both on and off the field and I hope to make my final year the most successful yet.”