THE Abacus Employment Flames and Blaze enjoyed their first run-out of the year with Woolton Argyle as the visitors.

The Phoenix started as they ended 2013, working as a very strong unit with the defensive players continuing to stem the flow of the opposition, who always attacked in numbers.

As ever the task force of man-of-the-match Charlie Barlow and spirit-of-the-game winner Charlie North paired up in the centre of the pitch.

Freddy Green and substitute Stanley Garret got into dangerous positions but were held at bay by terrific goalkeeping or robust defending.

The Hatch Warren Blaze enjoyed a good run out, with man-of-the-match Max Shepherd growing in confidence every game, chasing down every loose ball.

At the other end of the pitch, defender Dylan Brockbank was the spirit-of-the-game winner defending as if his life depended on it.

Matthew Bull and guest Xavier Payne worked hard – reaping the rewards with a number of goals.

Jack Jupp shared goalkeeping duties with Sadie Martindale for Flames – and only conceded three goals in the two games.