WITH only one game to play last weekend, it was important that we got back to winning ways in front of our home fans.

We did it, but we didn’t make it easy for ourselves or for the fans whose nerves, I’m sure, were shredded by the end of the game.

We’ve talked a lot lately in the locker room and in training about coming out flat and having to come from behind, often by a couple of goals.

Finding ourselves three down so soon into the game was not what we wanted.

Even at that point, I was confident that we’d push on after we scored our first goal, and that’s what happened.

After Joe Miller left, I was pleased to hand his A badge to Aaron Connolly.

He’s a high-energy player who can ignite his team and the fans with his attitude.

It was no coincidence that shortly after he had driven hard on the Peterborough net, we stepped it up and scored our first goal.

Tom Karpov is in the zone at the moment. We’ve always appreciated his great speed and skill.

Not only is he scoring lots of goals, they’re all big goals at crucial moments in the game. His first hat-trick will be one of the highlights of the season.

Dean Skinns’ save of a penalty shot in the dying minutes of the game will also be long remembered.

We’ve got three games coming up in the next week. After our usual weekend fixtures, we play Guildford in the first leg of the Cup on Wednesday.

We approach these two-leg games as if they were a six-period game. We can’t settle it in the first leg, but we don’t want to make the second leg more difficult then necessary!

All the best,