Basingstoke Hockey Club hosted a Hampshire League Division Six derby game between its own ladies’ fourth and fifth teams last weekend.

The derby clash started well, with both sides showing huge improvements and the younger players on both sides matching the skill of the more experienced players.

Throughout the first-half there were chances for both sides as they threatened to open the scoring.

Dayna Wegg broke from the right and streaked through, cutting past several players on her way to the D, where Lynda Day put the ball past the fifth team goalkeeper to give the fourths the lead.

By half-time, a large crowd of supporters had gathered on the sideline, captivated by the quality of play from the club’s lower squads.

In the second half, both teams were fighting hard for the next goal. In her debut game, Kirsty Brown showed excellent skills and speed down the left.

The fives were rewarded for their hard work when a break down the right wing resulted in Kerry Barker’s cross being put away by Janice Spalding.

It was the fours who struck the winner with a lightning break from midfield. This saw Rachel Bomphrey and Wegg link-up and Bomphrey applied the finish for a 2-1 victory.

The ladies’ first team lost their unbeaten run as they went down 2-0 away to second-placed London Wayfarers.

On the balance of play, Wayfarers took a deserved 1-0 lead in at half-time, while Fi Holdcroft twice went close for Basingstoke.

After the break, Basingstoke came out fighting but despite a period of sustained pressure, including when the opposition went down briefly to nine players, they could not find way through.

A late second goal sealed the home win, but Basingstoke still have matters in their own hands with a two-point lead in South Division 3b and this Saturday they face a visit from Staines.

Hosting second-placed Hamble, the ladies’ second team started out strong and went 1-0 up early in the first half after a pass from Caroline Mackay was deflected in by Nicola Burridge.

In the second half, Basingstoke maintained a good work-rate and kept the pressure on Hamble as they won 1-0.

The ladies’ third team lost 2-0 away to Haslemere IIs and the over-35s lost 10-1 at home to Jersey.