ASON Bristow is on the hunt for a new assistant manager following the departure of Kevin Braybrook.

Braybrook has stepped down after being offered a role within the scouting department at Queens Park Rangers, a job that had been affecting his work at the Camrose in recent weeks.

Town boss Bristow said: “Kevin’s time has been limited recently so we have taken the decision that it is best for both parties to wish him well and send him on his way.

“The timing is not great and we have missed him. It has been tough on my own recently and it is a lonely place. The senior players and the squad as a whole have been very supportive but it is a situation we need to sort out quickly.”

Bristow’s search for a replacement has already begun, with sources within the club suggesting that former Reading winger Michael Gilkes, who is currently coaching at Hungerford, could be a possible candidate.

“I am speaking to a few people and have got some in mind – but it needs to be the right person,” Bristow added. “I will not be rushing into an appointment but it does need to be made soon.

“We need another coach with fresh ideas but also someone with experience and good knowledge of the game. They also need to fit in to what we are doing.”