A HEAVILY pregnant mum was terrified she might have to give birth in a lift after becoming stuck in one three days before her due date.

Lisa Macintosh, of Millard Close, Oakridge visited KFC in The Malls last Monday morning with her daughter, son, and granddaughter, and used the lift to access the seating area on the second floor.

But when she reached the top, the doors failed to open.

The 42-year-old, whose baby was due last Thursday, was with her four-year-old son Oscar and one-year-old granddaughter, and said: “It was really hot and I couldn’t get out. My granddaughter was screaming loudly and so was my son. I was pushing the alarm and no one took any notice.”

The lift is made of glass, and so thankfully Lisa’s daughter who was downstairs could see her mother had become trapped.

But Lisa has criticised staff in the fast food restaurant for failing to react, adding: “My daughter tried to open the door from the outside. She said to the lady behind the till ‘can someone get my mum out?’ but the woman shrugged her shoulders and carried on serving.”

Despite other customers also commenting on how distressed Lisa and the two children were, the pregnant mum said staff still refused to help.

“I was just thinking that it was the worst case scenario,” said Lisa, adding: “I was boiling hot and had two little ones who were clearly upset. I was quite stressed myself. I was thinking I don’t really want to give birth in this lift. My granddaughter was distressed and my son was trying to kick the door shouting ‘get me out of here’. I didn’t take my finger off the alarm.

"It was only because my daughter could see my head and she was wondering what all the noise was and could hear the alarm.”

Eventually, Lisa’s daughter called the lift back down to the bottom and the doors opened, freeing Lisa and the two children who had been trapped for around 10 minutes.

Following the ordeal, Lisa complained to a manager, but said: “She shrugged her shoulders and said they had the lift engineer out and it was working. I said ‘it’s not working, I have been stuck in there’. She wasn’t going to let people know it was out of order so I grabbed a wet floor sign and shoved it under the lift.”

The family left the restaurant without eating.

Lisa added: “They disregarded our safety and seemed more concerned with serving customers. I saw two mums walking in with their pushchairs and I thought ‘don’t go in the lift’.”

A spokeswoman fro KFC said: “We’re really sorry for Lisa’s experience and would like to offer her a gesture of goodwill as an apology. We have since called out engineers to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.”