CHILDREN from Year 2 at Park View Infant School were given a royal treat recently after they wrote to Prince Harry as part of a project on Scott of the Antarctic.

Forty-five pupils from the school wrote to Prince Harry to ask him questions following his recent expedition to the South Pole for charity, Walking with the Wounded.

And all of the pupils recently received a letter back from Prince Harry’s personal assistant, Claudia Spens, with answers to their questions, along with a picture of the prince.

Deputy headteacher Cheryl Hawkings said: “We were trying to make literacy more purposeful, and we were learning about Scott of the Antarctic. Children wrote to him to ask him questions about what it was like and what the conditions were like. The children were really, really excited at that kind of acknowledgement.”

Seven-year-old Amelia Rosier is just one pupil who got a letter back, and in addition she won a headteacher’s award because of the high standard of the letter and the questions she asked.

Amelia said: “It was exciting. I went home and showed my mum and dad. It was fun writing the letter. My letter is on the wall at the school and I am really proud.”