A DOCTOR Who fan with an encyclopedic knowledge of the cult TV show is now the proud owner of a life-size Dalek.

Mike Stevens, of Great Oaks Chase, Chineham, won the replica model after he answered 29 questions covering the mysterious time traveller’s 40-year history.

However, Mr Stevens, a 38-year-old maintenance engineer, has given the Doctor’s greatest adversary to his sister to keep at her Chawton home because the 5ft 8in model – worth about £2,500 – is too big for his house.

Mr Stevens was able to answer the questions, many of which baffled staff at SFX, the sci-fi magazine which set the quiz, with the help of his sister, Lynne Stevens.

He said: “I’m a life-long Doctor Who fan so to have something like this is just great.

“The questions in the magazine were very difficult, and it was my sister who actually answered a lot of them, so now the Dalek is staying with her, contemplating world domination.”

He added: “Lots of my friends have been making comments about it and Lynne has had a steady stream of visitors to have a look.”

Dave Bradley, editor of SFX, said: “If you see a Dalek on the way to Basingstoke, it comes in peace, and is only on the way to see Mike.”