BASINGSTOKE and Deane Borough Council has joined forces with its partners to inform people of their responsibilities for animal welfare.

A guide, entitled ‘Animal Welfare – who is responsible for what?’, has been produced by the council in partnership with other local authorities, including Southampton City Council, Winchester City Council and Hampshire County Council, and provides information in responsible dog ownership and care, the Animal Welfare Act 2006, dangerous and banned dogs, noise and other types of nuisance and some useful contacts.

People who own, keep, work with or have responsibility for an animal are legally obliged to ensure that its needs are met by providing a suitable environment, diet, housing and protection from pain, suffering, injury and disease.

The borough council’s dog warden is responsible for dealing with stray dogs and dog fouling, and the council also works with the police and RSPCA to deal with dog control issues. The new guide helps residents to know the best person to contact in different situations.

To request a booklet call 01256 844844, or email customer.service@basingstoke.

To view the booklet, visit